SOS Minutes – Thursday 20 January 2011

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Attendance: Ann, Sean, Paris, Lee, Andy H, Laura, Rosanne, Fred, Ted, Matt, Ali, Andrea, Jon, Roger, Nick, Paul, Chris, Mandy, Grace, Andy T, Pat, Jeremy, Ruth, Sacha

Sorry if you were there and didn’t sign in

Apologies: Sahida, Dan, Ellen

Cuts Update

Jon Rogers reported on the council cuts:

  • Approx 600 job losses in the next year.
  • “Back Office” cuts will be very deep
  • End to school crossing patrol and park rangers
  • Big cuts in libraries, little detail so far
  • 15% jobs in the council to go
  • 1m out of youth services, inc. reducing hours at the adventure playgrounds.
  • Cuts could be reduced by paying back pensions deficit slower.

Mandy Brown reported on cuts at the college:

  • £3million cuts announced so far, without taking into account other funding changes in FE
  • Previously if students were receiving benefits the course fee was £30. Now this only applies to active benefits (JSA or ESA) others will have to pay £1400 – this will particularly hit ESOL students.

The cuts will disproportionately impact on ethnic minorities, women and disabled people. Black women were more under threat of redundancy than any other group in the last restructure. We must make sure council carries out EIAs.

We should organise a public meeting on the effects of the cuts – a real consultation.

We should have speakers and music at the lobby on 7 February. There was a discussion of tactics on the day

Coin Street LTUC meeting – Ted Knight will be the SOS speaker

Action Points:

Produce a leaflet on equalities and the cuts

Mandy, Lee, Roger, Ruth

Find out more about school crossings


Talk to Friend of Parks


Tactics on the day- to discuss further

Lee, Paris, Matt, Andrea

Set up a campaign team to get press releases out and produce publicity

Ali, Jeremy, Grace, Chris, Paul, Jon, Laura, Ruth, Andy t, Andy H

Poster estates

Grace and Fred will take out posters and leaflets when they do DCH leafleting.

Organise Public Meeting

Mandy, Jon, Lee, Sean

PDF of affiliation motions on list and website

All should contact local TU branches and community organisations


From 5pm on Thursday and Fridays. Other stalls to be discussed on the list.

Next meeting: 2 February 2011, Lambeth Town Hall


UPDATE 27-1-2011 – Added Andy H to publicity group and Ellen sent apologies.


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