Thursday 6th January 2011 planning meeting minutes

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18 present including several new faces which is very positive.

Lambeth TUC (trade union congress) also meeting tonight (6th Jan) – Jeremy delegated to represent LSOS. They are coordinating a day of action on Sat 15th Jan 2011 with SERTUC (south-east region trade union congress). Agreed that it is short notice but we should support it (and we would likely to be active that day anyway) and use it to publicise upcoming Lambeth SOS council lobbies. Various actions considered but agree 2 stalls in the borough:

  • Streatham – provisionally outside Streatham library 12:30pm – Ali, Ruth, Keith, Paris.
  • Brixton – Windrush square 12:30pm Rebecca, Sean, Dan, Grace.

Lambeth TUC also asked us to discuss The Lambeth United Rally against the Cuts is on Thursday 3rd February 2011 – 7 pm – Coin St Neighbourhood Centre, Stamford St SE1. Anton Johnson, Kingsley Abrams and everyone at the trades council meeting agreed that its focus should be the council cuts and building for a lobby of the council cabinet meeting. They have requested speakers from Lambeth campaigns / anti-cuts groups. We should advertise and support. The rally is supported by GLATUC. Jeremy voulnteered as speaker. Consensus seemed to be to focus should be on upcoming Lambeth SOS demonstrations but give critical support of other anti cuts activity in the borough.

LRC meeting – Ted Requested a Lambeth SOS delegate to labour representation committee public meeting in Brixton on 10th Feb. Ruth delegated.

Cabinet meeting – 7th Feb (was 24th Jan but date changed) local cabinet meeting. Lambeth SOS to build as bigger lobby as possible in run up to full council budget meeting in Feb. Agree meet 6pm for 7pm start. Bring homemade banners. Agree to publicise as widely as possible.

Some concern about isolating grant based workers reliant on council budget being negatively affected by Lambeth SOS lobbying. Agree to work hard at bringing them into the campaign and unite all workers/residents/service users affected by cuts locally.

Agree the most important thing is raising numbers at lobbies. Agree to contact as many organisations as possible:

(organisation – who is responsible to co-ordinate)

  • Tenants and residents associations: Dan to co-ordinate along with SOS housing working group and defend council housing. Focus on local area forums.
  • Lambeth Pensioners Action Group and other pensioner groups – Ellen
  • Lambeth College – Mandy, Keith
  • London students assembly @ UCL weekly – Paris and Matt (and Lambeth SOS education working group)
  • Unison (upcoming AGM) – Lambeth SOS unison members
  • Stop the War locally – Chris
  • Friends of Brockwell park and other parks groups – Chris and Ruth
  • Save libraries – Ruth
  • London wide organisations in Lambeth funded by London centrally (and affected by cuts) e.g. Inquest – Sean to get list and ask.
  • Web promotion – SE1 etc – Keith/Ali
  • Interfaith forums, Local mosques, faith organisations. Chris to contact Gurmeet at Unison to possibly coordinate? Also need leafleting.
  • RMT underground and Nat rail branches – Sean
  • Unite – Ted
  • Local bus garages in Stockwell and Brixton (Streatham hill) – leafleting tbc
  • Other union branches – info to be circulated along with affiliation motion
  • South London press and other media – Dan + others (also need press releases – volunteers?)

Leaflet – Agree need a leaflet to promote lobbies of local cabinet meeting, local council meeting and national demonstration in March (TUC). Ali and Andy to coordinate, needs to ready ASAP for circulation and use on 15th Jan.

Ruth to get 3 quotes 2000 copies initially

Council meetings
17th January – Labour groupThere is a meeting of the Labour group at 7pm on 17th January in the Town Hall to ratify the proposed budget as Labour group policy. I believe there is a Tenants Council meeting in Room 8 at the same time. There is a tentative plan to “lobby” this private meeting. Maybe we could sort out details on 15th. Whatever is passed at this meeting becomes Labour Group policy, so it is very important.
24th Jan – labelled “Special meeting” possibly “Cooperative council
7th Feb – see above.
23rd Feb – The full council meets at 7pm on to pass the budget.
Lambeth Defend Council Housing – has a public meeting on the ConDem attacks to secure tenure and the Housing Benefit changes on Saturday 5th February 2011 – 2 pm – St. Matthews Tenants Hall, St. Mathews Road SW2 – Lambeth DCH is looking to lobby Councillors to secure support against the ConDem plans. Lambeth Trade Council is supporting this meeting.

Local anti cuts paper – Croydon propose south London anti cuts paper – support agreed, volunteers for articles wanted.

South London anti cuts conference – Support agreed but aware of limited time constraints in near future.

Affiliation motion agreed. Agree to send to local union branches.

Website – “Who are we” short version agreed for distribution.

Bank account still progressing slowly – Stuart to continue with this.

Next meeting 20th Jan 18:30 Vida Walsh centre Brixton. Fortnightly from then onwards agreed. Dan to confirm venue for 20th.

Dates – (Authors note: Not perfect so apologies. Please send additions/corrections)

  • Sun 9th Jan – Weekly student assembly at ULU
  • 12th Jan – Lambeth LINK health and Social care public meeting. 11:30am Karibu Education Centre
  • 13th Jan – Lambeth SOS housing working group and Defend Council Housing to lobby North area local area forum at Pedlars Acres Hall
  • 15th Jan – Lambeth SOS stalls supporting SERTUC day of action
  • 15th Jan – Coalition of Resistance – National Council – Dan and Jeremy to attend
  • 20th Jan 18:30  Lambeth SOS planning meeting Vida Walsh centre Brixton
  • 22nd Jan – national day of action against welfare cuts
  • 22nd Jan – national campaign against fees and cuts national conference
  • 24th Jan – Lambeth council cooperative council meeting
  • 26th Jan – Students walkout against EMA cuts
  • 27th Jan – Lambeth SOS housing working group and Defend Council Housing to lobby Clapham area local area forum at Methodist Church Hall 7pm
  • 29th Jan – student demo/day of action against EMA cuts
  • 3rd Feb 18:30 – Lambeth SOS planning meeting Vida Walsh centre Brixton
  • 3rd Feb – Lambeth SOS housing working group and Defend Council Housing to lobby Brixton area local area forum at Room 8 town hall
  • 3rd Feb – 7 pm – Lambeth United Rally against the Cuts @ Coin St Neighbourhood Centre, Stamford St SE1
  • 5th Feb – National day of action against library cuts
  • 7th Feb – Lambeth SOS lobby of Lambeth council cabinet meeting, Town hall, Brixton. Meet 6pm.
  • 10th Feb – Labour representation committee meeting Karibu Education Centre.

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