UK Uncut & Lambeth SOS at Brixton Top Shop and Vodafone protest #ukuncut #payday

Posted: December 18, 2010 by lambethsaveourservices in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!
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20,000 nurses are the cost to the taxpayer that UK Uncut estimates Phillip Green, owner of Topshop, avoided paying in one pay day tax dodge in 2005. Today in a snow filled Brixton Lambeth Save Our Services was proud to support UK Uncut on their “Pay-day” protest (advertised on their website). We braved the blizzard to join the demonstrations outside the Topshop and Vodaphone stores which both closed the shutters as we approached. Not that it mattered, there was a good turnout, music, hearty chanting and even an amusing sing a long “if you don’t pay your tax we’ll shut you down”.

Like us, UK uncut are “angry that the government is cutting services for the poorest and most vulnerable whilst letting the rich avoid billions in tax” and one way to vent this anger is to target the massive tax evasion by rich corporations and wealthy business people. This government wrote off £6bn of Vodaphone tax that HM Revenue had spent years in the courts trying to collect, whilst simultaneously slashing public services and benefits. Here in Lambeth the axe falls with at least £36m of cuts next year alone, and thousands of jobs are likely to go.

It gets worse because billionaire businessman Phillip Green is also an advisor to the government on austerity (i.e. cuts). The irony is almost impressive and even the Guardian described his appointment as “shameful”.

There is a video of the protest on YouTube and Urban 75 have some great photos online.

We need more local activity like today’s so that the people of Lambeth can see Lambeth SOS active in the community fighting against cuts to local services and united alongside national campaigns against this millionaire government.

Our next planning meeting is on the 6th Jan in Brixton where we will be planning upcoming lobbies of the council budget and a South London Conference. All of latest events are available on our website.

If you would like to get involved in more stuff like this please join our email discussion group, come to our next meeting and get involved. We welcome everyone and need all the help we can get!


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