Saturdays Workshop: A quick report

Posted: November 23, 2010 by lambethsaveourservices in Meeting

About 80 people attended the Lambeth SOS mtg today to discuss campaigning
against the cuts in the borough.

A speaker from South Bank University report in the struggle against
education cuts and the hike in tuition fees. He also spoke about how the
university management had banned al anti-cuts activity at the university and
threatened any societies who supported the protests with having their
accounts frozen (for the second time). A speaker from The Pensioners Action
Group spoke about the attcks on pensions and benefit and how the CON-Dems
were trying to destroy the idea of universal benefits.

The meeting then broke down into four workshops: education, welfare and
benefits, housing and NHS. The workshops came up with action points to
campaign on in the coming months to add to the Lambeth SOS statement (which
will be posted soon).

At the end speakers outlined the attacks on the workers in Lambeth Housing
and the coming ballot on industrial action. Also workers from the One O
Clock clubs spoke about their victory over the summer when they stopped the
council cutting their service.

Everyone present was urged to join Lambeth SOS and join the fight against
the cuts in the borough.

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